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What Are Vehicle Wraps

Does your vehicle need a repainting or a logo along the side? This can be costly if you want to invest in a professional paint job. A more viable solution could be vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps are large vinyl decals that go around the entire vehicle or part of the vehicle's bodywork. They are extremely versatile and can be used on any type of car or van.

They come in a range of creative color. There are standard solid colors that give your vehicle that 'new-look,' but, they also come in a variety of patterns, like camouflage, and can even be custom designed using digital technologies.

If you want an affordable and versatile solution to changing your vehicle's appearance, then vinyl wraps are an excellent option to look at. In a short space of time, your vehicle can look as if it just rolled off the production line.

Why Wrap Your Car

Wrapping your vehicle has several benefits that you may not realize. It not only gives your vehicle a fresh new appearance for a price that is significantly lower than a full paint job, but the vinyl protects the paint underneath. A vinyl wrap is a perfect way to protect your vehicle and improve its style.

Primarily, people opt for vinyl wraps because they provide a range of colors, patterns, and styles not available with standard paintwork. Wraps include styles such as gloss vinyl, carbon-fiber vinyl, matte vinyl, holographic vinyl, camouflage vinyl, and brushed vinyl. But with digital technology, custom designs are possible, and the options are virtually endless.

Another excellent benefit of vehicle wrap is that you are not tied to a color or design in the same way you are with paint. Vehicle wrap can last a long time if properly cared for, but it will not last forever. It means you have the option of changing your vehicle's color periodically.

Gloss Vinyl Wrap

Gloss Vinyl Wrap

Gloss vinyl wrap is excellent if you want a finish that looks like authentic paintwork. This option is perfect if you have a second-hand vehicle you want to improve or if you want to protect the original paintwork on a new one. It can be applied in hours and lasts up to seven years.

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps

The Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap is available in a range of styles. You can choose between textured, glossy, or high-gloss finishes perfect for complete wraps or partial decals to improve the visual appeal of your vehicle. It is a popular choice for bikes, quads and boats.

Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte Vinyl Wraps

Matte finishes are growing in popularity these days with more and more manufacturers releasing vehicles with partial matte finishes on the roof, bonnet, or wings. If you want to modernize your vehicle, then consider a matte vinyl wrap. They can be quickly, and affordably applied.

Holographic Vinyl Wraps

If you like to stand out and get noticed you're going to love holographic vinyl wraps. The holographic vinyl shines and retracts various colors of light, creating a rainbow-like effect. Most people opt for a complete wrap which has a stand out effect. This is probably recommended with holographic wrap.

Camouflage Vinyl Wraps

A camouflage finish is ideal for vans, quads, and boats. On the road, your vehicle will stand out with a personality of its own, and when off-road, the design will keep it consistent with the surrounding landscape. There are many camouflage styles to choose from.

Brushed Vinyl Wraps

Brushed vinyl wraps are similar to Gloss vinyl wraps in that they are designed to look like a standard finish. As a result, it is ideal for protecting the finish on new vehicles or updating an older one. It is a classy finish with a metallic sheen – use this wrap to bring an authentic steel finish to your bodywork.

Different Ways to Wrap Your Car

As car wrapping becomes more popular, the ideas for what can be done with it also become more creative. Thankfully these ideas can be supported with digital technologies that can customize designs and turn any idea into a reality.

Whether you have a loud personality or a need for something low-key and classy, there is a finish to suit. Below are some of the different ways you can wrap your vehicle.

A Rusty Metal Effect

Do you like your new van or vehicle to look rough? If you do, then this wrap is for you. It gives your brand-new vehicle a rust bucket look, complete with rivets and bullet holes. Other road users will have to look twice to see if it's really so bad – it isn't. 

Rushing Riptide

You don't have to own a Lamborghini to benefit from this flashy wrap. Primarily a deep purple color it often changes with shades of green and blue.

Crushed Carbon

Designed to make your vehicle stand out in the public sphere, the Crushed Carbon partial wrap looks like a racetrack abstracted and splashed across the back end.

Wherever your imagination takes you, or if you feel inspired by a design you've seen, a customized wrap can be arranged if it is not already available.

Professional Installation

There are a variety of tools you can use to apply vinyl wrap yourself, such as squeegees, snap blades, and razor knives. While possible, however, it can be tricky to do well, and expensive if you get it wrong. That's why most people opt for professional installation.

If you opt for a professional installation, you will benefit from a finish that is neat and professional. You will not have any air bubbles or uneven ends that can be easily avoided by someone with experience. For an older vehicle, it might be worth experimenting, but for most vehicles, a professional solution is best.

Atlantic Custom Wraps will provide you with a free professional consultation where we can discuss your wrap ideas and outline the process from start to finish. Whether you are looking for custom painted stripes, custom designs, or paint protection, we can arrange your vinyl, supplied and fitted.

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