Vehicle Wraps: Full vs. Partial

When it comes to outdoor advertising, nothing beats vinyl vehicle wraps. A vinyl wrap is one the best ways to promote your brand anywhere and at anytime.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s data suggests that vehicle graphics can reach 95 percent of people in the country. Furthermore, 98 percent of people in cars indicate that they notice ads on the sides of trucks.

Why vehicle wraps continue to play a significant role in business marketing industry is simple: it stands out and grabs the attention of passersby every time you hit the road.

Eye-catching vehicle wraps generate customer interest and make a lasting impression on them. They are definitely hard to miss.

In addition to this, a superior quality wrap can easily last for up to 5 years. So, if you’re seeking a business advertising tool on a budget, look no further. They are much more affordable than other advertising tools, such as billboards, commercials, etc.


Full wrap


A full wrap covers the entire body of the vehicle. In other words, it is applied to each exterior part, including the front, sides, hood, rear and even windows.


Partial wrap

A partial wrap is applied to certain parts or portions of the vehicle. It can cover just the hood, the rear or any other portion.

Factors to consider when selecting the right wrap

As a business owner, you should be cognizant of these factors before selecting either full or partial wrap:

  • If you’re interested in giving your vehicle a complete makeover, then full wrap is your best option. However, if you want to keep things minimal, then opt for partial wrap.
  • In case money is an issue, partial wrap is a better choice. Our designer can customize graphics to suit your budget.
  • Partial wrap is recommended to those who don’t want to change their vehicle color. However, make sure the wrap design complements the original color of your automobile. On the other hand, select full if you want to conceal your vehicle’s original color.

Whether you need partial or full wrap, the key is in partnering with a company that understands your brand vision.

At Atlantic Custom Wraps, our work speaks for itself. We offer high quality, attention-grabbing custom vehicle wraps and much more. From design to installation, we provide complete vinyl vehicle wrap services in Indian Trail, NC and surrounding areas. Call 704-849-7260 and get your brand out on the road!


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