Latest Trends in Vinyl Vehicle Graphics


Nothing makes prospective consumers roll their eyes faster than cheesy advertising for a business.

But hey, maybe that’s not you. Maybe you’re the proud owner of an authentic product. Maybe you provide an exceptional service that’s built on a unique philosophy. Don’t mislead your customers with dull and forgetful advertising. Let your company car be an extension of your business by letting it define a recognizable brand identity.

Colorful vinyl, design, carbon fiber accents, painted stripes-the world of car graphics is as big as it gets. At Atlantic Custom Wraps, we’d love to work with you and make your brand come to life.


2017 – The Year of Vinyl Wraps



If you’re the kind of entrepreneur, marketing professional or car enthusiast who puts your passion into whatever you do, you most likely have a unique personality that influences your brand identity.

Luckily for you, there’s a product in the market that allows you to blend your individuality with some creative artwork that’s bound to make an impact (in all the ways you desire).

We’re talking about vinyl car wraps and graphics. But not just any commercial wraps or graphics.

As a company that specializes in custom automobile wraps, we’ve rounded up a list of the latest trends dominating the car graphics universe, setting you on the road to marketing success—starting with:


Partial Wraps


What’s the secret to successful advertising?

Two words: staying relevant.

Partial wraps give you the flexibility to upgrade your automobile with seasonal promotions and updates. Use them to generate buzz around an upcoming product, get people talking about a sale or promote a special holiday deal—the choice is yours!


Custom Graphics

Want your commercial vehicle to stand out of the crowd?

Treat it as you would your actual product or service. Invest in personalized artwork and get a talented graphic artist to customize your car with unique logos, lettering and design.

It’s not enough to be eye-catchy—let your ride make a statement, and a GOOD one!


Embossed Wraps


Films aren’t the only things going 3D this year.

If you’re looking to make a BIG impact, go all out with embossed wraps that are sure to get heads turning.

Need ideas or a little inspiration?

At Atlantic Custom Wraps, we specialize in vehicle wraps, paint protection, graphics, and design. Contact us for any of your vehicle customization needs!


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